October 03, 2017

Finding the perfect haircare system for your hair can be as easy as paying attention to a few key signs. 

The great thing about hair is that it comes in so many different forms. Here at Pureology, we understand that your hair has specific needs which is why finding the best haircare system is easier than you might think. Since haircare isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal, it’s important to narrow down what can actually work for your hair. Plus, if protecting your haircolor ranks at the top of your list, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products are safe for color-treated hair. To help you navigate the waters of haircare, we’ve broken down the basic systems that target some of your biggest concerns.

If Your Hair Is Frizzy

Most people find their hair frizzes up when summer rolls around, but if you’re finding yourself in a constant year-round battle with frizz, smoothing haircare may be the answer. To keep hair looking as sleek as possible, try the Smooth Perfection System. The secret is camellia oil that’s found in the collection, which helps tame frizz while leaving hair shiny. Turn to the Shampoo and Condition for your daily cleansing needs and maintain hair’s sleekness throughout the day with Lightweight Smoothing Lotion. For stubborn flyaways, take control with the Intense Smoothing Cream for an instant touch-up without weighing hair down.

If Your Hair Feels Dry

If you have dry hair, you may have encountered some of the issues that plague parched strands from static and lack-luster hair to what feels like endless tangles and knots. The problem with hydrating haircare is that it’s often packed with heavy silicones that are supposed to repair and protect thicker hair, but actually make fine hair feel heavy once you wash it. One of the best products for this is Hydrate Sheer since fine hair feels weightless thanks to the silicone-free formula. Instead it uses multi-weight proteins like soy, oat and wheat that only attach to parts of the hair where it’s actually needed. For normal to thick hair, there’s Hydrate which can help give very dry hair the intense hydration it needs. After using the Shampoo and Condition, you can follow up with the Air Dry Cream for easy styling. It’s common for color-treated hair to get dry from time to time, but with a color-safe system like Hydrate, you can give your hair the moisture it requires without worrying about fading in the process.

If Your Hair Feels Fragile

You’ll know you have damaged hair if your hair is splitting or breaking off at the ends. This can be the result of chemical processing when coloring your hair. When a chemical process weakens the bonds on the inside of the hair strand, this makes hair feel rough, damaged and can lead to breakage. It sounds scary, but fragile hair isn’t a lost cause. In fact, the Strength Cure system offers five products that can help bring weak strands back to life. Each product is formulated with antioxidants and proteins like astaxanthin and karavis that can help heal damaged hair. A gentle Shampoo and Condition is a must for daily cleansing and detangling for damaged hair. If your hair breaks when it’s stretched, an Intense Fortifying Masque can help improve elasticity. While the best solution for split ends is to get a haircut, between appointments you can apply Fabulous Lengths to strengthen breakage-prone ends and make them feel softer.

If Your Hair Is Curly

Whether you’re rocking fierce coils, natural waves or fall somewhere in between, curls of all shapes need a little extra TLC. If you’re struggling to bring your curls to life, look no further than the Curl Complete System. The collection caters to curly hair types and is all about giving hair the shape it needs. The key ingredient in this system is coconut oil for its hydrating properties that help soften the hair. One of the best things you can do for curly hair is cleanse with a low-lathering shampoo. Follow up with a daily conditioner or deep condition with a mask for an added dose of moisture. If you notice your curls falling flat throughout the day, you can refresh limp strands with Curl Extend. Rebellious curls can benefit from a leave-in styling cream, like Taming Butter. What’s even better is that all of the extra conditioning offered by this system won’t stand in the way of maintaining your haircolor thanks to an AntiFade Complex found in the entire line.

If You Have Haircolor Concerns

Sometimes it can feel like maintaining the perfect haircolor is a full-time job—especially if you’re sporting a head of blonde hair.

To keep blonde hair looking its best, there’s the Perfect 4 Platinum system. The key to bringing blonde hair to life is increasing color’s brightness and making hair shine, which is possible thanks to chamomile, lemon and coriander found in the collection. Use the Shampoo and Condition on a daily basis to help strengthen fragile hair. You can also add deep nourishment with the Reconstruct Repair Masque to give hair an extra boost of strength. If your biggest challenge when going blonde is keeping the color from going brassy, you can help maintain your hair’s tone with Cool Blonde Enhancing Treatment.

No matter what system you choose to go with, we’re all about serious color care, so you can feel confident knowing that every product is helping your haircolor look its best while addressing your hair’s individual needs. Living colorfully has never been so easy!

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