6 Types Of Hair Accessories To Try This Season

December 06, 2017

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be trying to up your hair game. This year, if you’re looking for a subtle way to work in some extra holiday glam, we suggest a simple upgrade to your hair by adding a hair accessory like a hairpin or clip. Keep reading for ideas on how to use these accessories to add some easy holiday glam to your look.

1. Rhinestone Clip

Add some sparkle to a braided updo with a rhinestone clip at the top of your bun. Unlike a rhinestone headband, a clip can be worn so that it peeks out slightly for an understated look. To help get control of your hair so it’s easier to twist into a bun, apply Smooth Perfection Style Shaping Gel before styling. It uses camellia seed oil to smooth and add shine so your hair can be free of flyaways.  

2. Oversized Pins

To rock an effortless looking chignon at your next holiday party, add an oversized accessory. Simply roll your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck, then pin it in place with large bobby pins. Perk up your bun with Clean Volume Levitation Mist to help keep it from falling flat throughout the day. The mist helps add lightweight fullness and root lift to give you volume and take your hair to new heights.  

3. Circle Hair Clip

A circle hair clip is discreet enough to tuck behind your ponytail but still makes a statement. It’s as easy as securing the clip to the base of your hair tie. To give your hair enough body to pull off this voluminous pony, apply Clean Volume Weightless Mousse from roots to ends while it’s damp. Once dry, throw your hair up into a ponytail for instant volume.

4. Triangle Hairpin

Break out your bobby pins to get this geometric look. It’s striking without looking too flashy or over-the-top. To help give the bobby pins extra grip, spray them with Colour Stylist Supreme Control Hairspray. Slide them into the hair and pin them to the back of your head in the shape of a triangle.

5. Hair Vine

Hair accessories don’t always involve pinning or clipping something. In fact, you can add an unexpected twist by weaving a ribbon or string of vine through your hair. It’s a great way to show off a twisted updo while adding a feminine touch to your look. Since hair vines can only be seen from the back, this makes them an ideal accessory if you want to keep things minimal. You can add softness to your hair by spraying it with Colour Fanatic Leave-In Treatment before twisting your hair into an updo.

6. Metal Cuff

Looking for a hair accessory that’s a bit edgier? Show off any half-up topknot by using a metal cuff. It adds a touch of chicness and doesn’t require much effort. Textured wavy hair looks best with this accessory, which you can create by applying Hydrate Air Dry Cream on hair while it’s damp. Once it air dries, create a half-up topknot by separating the hair into two sections and twisting the top section into a bun placed on top of your head. Slide the metal cuff through the base of the bun, then use your fingers to gently tug at the top knot to help fluff it up and give it a laid-back vibe.

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